As I continually develop as a practitioner, I complete small research studies to better inform my client work, or simply to test new ideas and techniques.  Given these are focused sessions aimed at supporting my development, I offer them at a significantly discounted fee.


Individuals who find this approach works for them are usually more interested in exploring their situation than moving to a conclusion.  They often feel drawn to the technique we would be using, and are simply interested in working with me.  This openness to experience over knowledge tends to be the best measure of whether a research session would be a good option for you.

Let’s be clear here.  Most clients who participate in my research sessions gain deep insight to their challenge.  I only want to be honest that this may not happen for everyone.


Recent research sessions were available in relation to inner selves, and I expect more sessions in relation to life scripts to be available toward the end of 2020.

  • 1hr session via zoom
  • £50

Interested in getting involved?  Contact me to book a consultation, and I can reach out to you when I release more of these sessions.