Reimagine your inner conflict2018-10-22T10:47:07+00:00

Take a moment to consider those negative or unhelpful thoughts that seem to appear at the most frustrating of times.  You know the ones.  They pop up unexpectedly and begin to distract you from your goals.  Derailing your efforts.

Your instinctive response is to shut them down, lock them up, or even push them aside.

Yet, what if these thoughts are trying to tell you something important that could help you?

How would you respond if someone did that to you? Knocked you back when you knew you could help, and that’s all you wanted to do.  Would you get louder, be more persistent, or even change tactics to be heard?

Because that’s what happens, doesn’t it?  You might be able to quiet the thoughts for a while, but they always come back.  Stronger.

Reimagine inner conflict

How can I help?

  • Together we’ll focus on understanding the issue you want to resolve, and what you want to gain from working together.
  • Then we’ll work with your thoughts to better understand them and establish what they’re really trying to share with you.   Here’s where we’ll get creative and play with your imagination.
  • Finally, we’ll use everything we learn to get you moving confidently toward achieving what you want.

When you’re ready, learn more about what it’s like to work with me, or contact me to book your discovery call.