This group programme is about discovering more about who you are as a person.  It’s about learning to be honest with yourself and making decisions with this in mind.  When we align with our inner selves, we’re able to choose to do what we feel is right in any given situation.  It is a state of whole-hearted living.  People who access and regularly operate from this space find they rarely worry, face challenges with ease, and make decisions more quickly and confidently than they previously thought possible.


This is an experiential self-development programme that encourages individuals to explore at depth.  Therefore, it is best suited to those who are open to new experiences, and comfortable with learning in the moment.  It’s less about understanding what’s happening and more about living it.

This programme would be a particularly good fit for you, if you’d like to:

  • More easily resolve internal conflicts
  • Develop greater resilience to challenges
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Move past the minor stresses in life to focus on what’s really important to you
  • Reconnect with your unconscious and it’s hidden resources
  • Develop trust in yourself
  • Meet some of your inner selves and interact with them


  • 6-8 participants to ensure space for conversations and individual support
  • 1 individual pre-programme session (1hr via Zoom) to confirm alignment with inner selves approach
  • 7 weekly group sessions (2hrs via Zoom)
  • 3 individual sessions (1hr via Zoom) can be booked following the completion of 4th group session.  Individual sessions must be completed within 10 weeks of starting the programme
  • 2 questionnaires (joining and concluding)
  • £1,250 per participant – The first programme will be significantly discounted in return for feedback and testimonials.



Ready to show up as who you are, not a version of yourself?  Contact me to discuss if this is programme is the right option for you.