Imposter Syndrome can be a nasty trick of the mind.  One that says we’re not capable, the work we’re delivering is not good enough, or even that we’re terrible at what we do.  Even worse, it does this knowing how amazing we really are.

This programme is about recognising all you can do and confidently stepping into the light with this knowledge.  We’ll work at multiple levels of who you are and take this step by step.  We’ll begin by understanding your experience, not simply what you’re doing and others can see, but also how it feels, what isn’t right for you, and what would be better.  From here, we’ll unpick your discoveries, and thoughtfully rebuild a better approach.

By the end of the programme, you’ll be able to see the truth instead of a version of the events.  The truth that will support you in achieving everything you want in life.


If you’re feeling like a phony, that at any moment you’ll be discovered as a fraud, or even that what you’ve achieved wasn’t down to you at all.  This is absolutely the right choice for you.  Individuals who begin this programme are often:

  • Sabotaging their own success
  • Over-critical of their work and achievements, especially in comparison to others
  • Lacking in self-confidence and regularly experience self-doubt
  • Setting overly challenging goals and then become disappointed when they’re not achieved
  • Fearful they won’t live up to expectations (usually their own unrealistic expectations)

This programme is a good fit for you, if you’re ready to break free of these constraints.  Ready to step out of the shadows where you’ve been hiding, and into the light, confident in all you can do.


Ready to step into the light and show everyone what you can do?  Contact me to book your consultation.