This programme is about knowing who you are as a person, and sharing this with the world in a way that’s right for you.  It’s about being true to you. This is not about disregarding other people in your life, or going after what you want without consideration of the consequences.  Instead it’s about being honest with yourself and making decisions with this in mind.  Sometimes that may mean taking a step back in support of others, sometimes it will be speaking up when no one agrees with you, and sometimes it will simply be accepting how things are.

When we come from our authentic self, we are able to wholly and completely choose to do what we feel is right in any given situation.  It is a state of whole-hearted living. People who access and regularly operate from their authentic self find they rarely worry, face challenges with ease, and make decisions more quickly and confidently than before.


As this is an in-depth programme focused on developing your self-identity, it is best suited to individuals who have already completed some form of self-development.  Most likely you have already worked with a coach or been in talking therapies of some kind.

This programme is right for you, if you’re finding yourself in a position where life is ok, but you want it to be more fulfilling.  You want to be more honest and share more of yourself. You want the minor stresses of life to disappear so you can focus on what’s really important to you.

Ultimately, you’re ready to remove the mask of conformity, uncover who you really are and begin to share this with the world.


  • 6 months
  • Fortnightly sessions, usually involving Coaching, NLP, and Inner Selves approaches
  • Each session up to 1hr15 via zoom
  • £5,000 (monthly payment plans available)

Ready to show up as who you are, not a version of yourself?  Contact me to book your consultation.