This programme is about gaining more insight to who you are as a coach, and supporting you to be more authentic in your client interactions.  It’s about being true to you beyond the definitions of what coaching is, and is not.  It’s also about embracing a range of technical approaches and psychological schools of thought.  All in an effort to better define your personal approach to coaching.

When we coach from a place of authenticity, we’re able to easily choose a good approach for our clients in any given situation.  Coaches who access and regularly operate from their authentic self find they rarely worry, face challenges with ease, and make decisions more quickly and confidently than before.


As this programme is focused on exploring your professional identity, it’s best suited to coaches who have already started their personal growth journey beyond their coaching practice.  Most likely you have been coaching for over a year and actively developing yourself for at least as long.

This programme is right for you, if you logically know your coaching is effective, but it leaves you feeling restricted or disengaged.  Ultimately, you’re ready to remove the mask of conformity, uncover who you really are as a coach and begin to share this with your clients.


  • 3 months
  • Weekly sessions focused on your personal growth and professional development as a coach
  • Each session up to 1hr15 via zoom
  • £2,250 (monthly payment plans available)

Ready to show up as your authentic self in all your client interactions?  Contact me to book your consultation.