As an Integrative Coach & Hypnotherapist

… I meet my clients where they are, and help them get to where they want to be.  We move fluidly through the challenges they bring, employing tailored approaches and working at a pace that’s right for them.  Every time we meet creates an opportunity to explore and learn.  My adaptability and open mindset mean we’ll always find a way to continually move closer to my client’s ultimate outcome.

As a Supervisor

… I work in partnership with coaches to explore their professional challenges and ongoing development.  Together, through open, reflective conversations, we discover approaches that are right for each coach and their individual clients.  When needed, I also confidently step in and provide guidance to ensure professional boundaries are appropriately held.  No matter our focus during each session, I always offer full access to my experience toolkit, and encourage coaches to be authentic in their practice.

As a Trainer…

…I engage fully with the learning space, while maintaining awareness of where each participant is on their individual journey.  I create a warm and engaging environment where everyone is encouraged to flourish through the exploration of their ideas and experience.  My diverse training background means I can confidently engage in varied conversations across coaching approaches, and offer insight from a range of psychological perspectives.  Through all of this, I’m committed to supporting all participants to embed the skills they learn, while staying true to who they are as practitioners.