I love working with my clients, they’re all amazing people, and each one is on a unique journey. It’s because of this that I tailor experiences to every individual.

About you

Chances are you already have a logical understanding of what you’re experiencing and you may even have sought help to resolve this in the past.

Perhaps you’ve labelled what’s happening to you, so you can say “this is just the way I am and that’s OK”.

And it is OK.

Until it doesn’t work for you anymore.  Until your patterns hold you back from really going after what you most want.  And it’s frustrating because you have the answers, right?  You know what’s going on.

Maybe it’s time for a different approach?  One that’s focused on your progress rather than your knowledge.

Our sessions

At the beginning of each session, we’ll review your experience to date and discuss your focus for our current conversation.

That’s all we’ll definitely cover.

I don’t know what you’re going to share each time.  Your focus may shift as you progress.  However, you can expect me to respond to you while keeping you aligned with what you most want.  As our time together continues, you’ll gain an appreciation of your patterns, and identify the best approaches for you to break these down and build a better way forward.

Ready to get started? 

Having me as your Integrative Coach & Hypnotherapist is like having a personal trainer for your mind. We’ll make progress together, and you’ll need to put in time and effort beyond our sessions to achieve your outcomes.

  • I challenge my clients and help them explore what’s holding them back, which may feel uncomfortable especially during significant change.
  • What you come to me with may lead to something at a deeper level. If you’re sharing it, we’ll go there and explore what you’re experiencing.
  • My clients respond in a number of different ways.  I appreciate how important it can be to release emotions and I’ll always create space for this when you need it.

Working with me will take you on an incredible transformative journey.  Get in contact and we can discuss how best to work together.