Clients choose to work with me when they feel unable to be themselves in specific situations, with certain individuals, or even across several aspects of their lives.  Through my exploration and experience, I’ve identified four key stages individuals usually experience on their journey to being true to themselves and living authentically.  Working with me involves better understanding the stage you’re in and making progress toward the next one (and potentially those that follow).  I’ve provided a little insight to each of the four stages to help you consider if working with me is the right option for you.

1. Discovery

This point of the journey can feel incredibly uncomfortable due to inner turmoil of who you feel you are conflicting with who you share with others.  It’s the space where you recognise you’ve been operating on auto-pilot, simply moving from one part of your life to another without consciously considering what you want.  It may feel like you’ve been living in your head rather than in the world around you, as it’s the only place where you can truly be yourself.  In addition, you’re probably sharing different versions of yourself with different people, which is incredibly exhausting to maintain, and you continually worry you’ll be found out.

This is the stage of discovery and awakening.  A place where we explore the challenges you’re facing and begin to develop an awareness of who you really are.  We’ll make small changes in your life that ease the stress and worry, while creating space for new approaches.

2. Confidence

This part of the journey can feel like you’re on the cusp of significant change.  It’s where you begin to identify the limitations of how you interact with others and how this impacts your feelings about yourself.  This may be noticing how you’re unwilling to share a different perspective for fear of others not liking you.  Speaking very softly so what you’re saying can’t be heard, ensuring you can never be considered incorrect.  You may also feel you’re consistently putting the needs of others ahead of your own and this is not being reciprocated, leading to a sense of rejection.

In this stage we focus on developing your confidence.  One aspect is about looking beneath the masks you wear, further accepting and connecting with who you are.  Another is beginning to share yourself honestly in spaces you feel safe to do so.  We’re gradually removing the fear of what may happen and embracing the positive experiences you create.

3. Balance

This stage is like stepping into the light and allowing yourself to be seen.  It’s a natural progression from where you’ve been and usually takes place unconsciously.  You begin to speak up in situations where you previously remained quiet.  You share more of your personal life allowing people to connect with you.  The need to protect and defend yourself diminishes as your confidence develops further.  You begin to speak to yourself with the kindness you offer others.  You engage in life without the worries or concerns that once held you back.

In this stage it’s easy to get carried away with your newly discovered way of being, so our focus shifts to creating balance and awareness of choice.  This is about learning to take your needs into consideration when making decisions.  It’s about developing healthy boundaries so you’re able to build relationships that work for you as much as the other person.  Most of all you’ll become more aware of your self-worth and create space to truly care for yourself.

4. Legacy

By the time you reach this point in your journey, chances are you’re already living authentically.  You’re truly being yourself with awareness of those around you.  You take yourself into consideration when making decisions, and you’re able to choose to put others first if that feels right for you and the situation.  You’re creating deep and fulfilling relationships and you’re content with the life you’re leading.  No matter where you find yourself, or with whom, you accept and trust yourself.

So, what’s left?  Well, this stage supports you to pull everything together and create the life and legacy you want.  You’ll discover how to independently continue exploring your self-development and unconsciously adapt to the ever-changing world around you.  We’ll look beyond the operational elements of life that are now second-nature, and begin to explore your purpose and how to bring this to fruition.  Together we’ll unlock your true potential and you’ll lead yourself into the next stage of your life.