My clients are incredible and I’ve loved working with each of them.  Here’s a little peek into some of their experiences.

“Since I could remember, I always used to have issues around food. Using the combination of coaching and hypnotherapy, Nishe helped me find and successfully remove the root of the problem. During our sessions, I felt supported and safe to share without being judged. Thanks to Nishe I am now free of my ‘’food demons’’ and can live a normal life.

I highly recommend Nishe to anyone dealing with problems around food and anxiety.”

“Nishe accompanied me during a tricky time in my life. Without steering, she enabled me to pose relevant questions. She also provided me with concrete self-assessment and development tools so I was able to move on, in control of my own life.

Nishe, through her kind approach, creates trust and empowerment. I highly recommend her coaching skills.”

“Coaching has been integral to helping me focus and succeed during a big career transition. I have regained confidence and belief in my ability to succeed and can honestly say it’s been one of the best things I have done to help myself. You are ultimately in control of your thoughts and decisions and coaching has been a great grounding for understanding my thoughts and reactions in order for me to make positive changes and decisions.”

“Nishe is a generous and committed coach. It’s clear that she really wants to help you meet your goals and she goes above and beyond to do so. She’s flexible in terms of scheduling or giving you what you need. Eg on one of my sessions I was delayed due to my son taking longer than expected to sleep. She didn’t rush or race through our session to make up for that – she was calm and generous about giving me the space to get where I needed, even though it meant we ran over. Similarly, she was super kind about meeting at locations convenient to me (my house!) for our hypnotherapy work. This meant that I was much more relaxed and comfortable with the process.

Nishe is very calm and personable which immediately puts you at ease. She is in command of the process, but she’s not pushy or directive so you feel you are getting the answers yourself. I particularly liked how she encouraged me to trust myself and my instincts when giving answers rather than constantly second-guessing. It meant that I felt I was getting what I needed without getting caught up in my head which I’ve had with other coaches.

Since working with Nishe, I have started losing weight and I feel more confident that I’ll reach my goal and do it in a relaxed, calm way. She has helped me to reframe beliefs I was carrying about losing weight which was a big shift for me. The combination of coaching and hypnotherapy was perfect in allowing me to do the work I needed.

Thanks Nishe!!”

“I’d not had any formal coaching before working with Nishe and I didn’t really know what to expect – I certainly didn’t expect to get as much out of it as I did!  Initially, I found it hard to open up, however, Nishe made me feel safe and I knew I could trust her completely.  I started from a point of real confusion, not understanding what drove my choices – work or personal – and unable to decide what to do at this critical point in my career.

After working with Nishe, I possess an awareness of myself that I didn’t have before, and I understand what drives my decision-making process, fears and doubts. Nishe has also given me tools to look at challenges from a different perspective which has left me able to embrace change in a positive way.  Working with Nishe has had a beneficial long-lasting effect, as I now also have a different, more positive, engagement model with stakeholders. I couldn’t recommend Nishe more as a coach.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nishe over a few months and the benefits are astounding. From someone who was initially quite skeptical about coaching & hypnotherapy, I can honestly say I’m converted. Nishe takes a holistic approach, looking at all areas of work and life to identify what’s holding you back or challenging you, and works with the subconscious to make small changes that make a huge difference. Coaching & hypnotherapy haven’t changed who I am, they’ve changed how I think and made me a better version of myself. Nishe is relaxed, easy to talk to and really knows her stuff. Highly recommended!”