Reading is not something I do well.  My eyes jump across the page from point to point.  It takes a huge amount of effort to read a sentence from start to finish.  Amazingly, my eyes are drawn to spelling mistakes and poor grammar, even though my skill in this area is average at best.  However, I love to learn and reading provides a window to new worlds.

Books vs Kindle

When I was growing up, I remember that we often went to the library.  We’d spend time exploring the different sections and choosing what we wanted to take home.  Although I still visit libraries from time to time as a place to work, I tend to buy books now rather than borrow them.  I’m not quite sure when that happened, but I think it was around the time I got my first Kindle.  There are many books that offer samples online.  I’m a click away from making a purchase and it only takes a few moments for the book to be on my Kindle after this.

Now, I would buy all my books in digital format, except I dream of having a library/study at home one day.  A room where at least one wall is covered with shelves of books from floor to ceiling.  Books I’ve read and can reference as they’re needed.  And that’s the difference, physical books are easier for me to reference and share than digital versions.

A Personal Challenge for 2018

This year, I’ve set a mini challenge for myself.  It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution.  In fact, I only chose to do this halfway through January.  I’m planning to read one book a week.  I’ve put a reminder in my diary every morning to build this habit.  I’ve got several books waiting to be read, which means I’m covered until mid-March.  Then I’m tackling my wishlist and putting my gift vouchers to good use.  I’m even sharing my thoughts about each book on Facebook.

I’m hoping that after a few months reading will be a consistent part of my life.  I enjoy the experience once I’m reading, but at the moment it just feels like hard work to get started.

New Ideas

The element I’m enjoying most is how my ideas flow while I’m reading.  It can slow me down as I sometimes need to take a moment to let the thoughts flow or to just make a few notes.  These ideas open me up to opportunities and prevent me from becoming blinkered in my perspective.  The effort I put in is rewarded as I continually develop and have more engaging conversations.  I suspect I could gain some of the same benefits through video content, I just find reading more mentally invigorating and physically relaxing.