I’ve been thinking about how we support young people in making their post-school decisions.  All the support seems focused on identifying a single career or university course and directing energies to achieve this.  Very much in the same way we educate them along pathways.  It all makes sense and fits together beautifully.

Except, that’s no longer how the world works.

We know that people move jobs regularly, and they are likely to have a few different careers in their lifetime.  However, there’s another shift that we don’t seem to be talking about as much.  The move to having a portfolio career.  You know, those people who don’t really have job titles, but list the variety of things they do.  We now live in a world where it’s possible to turn hobbies into careers.  So, does it make sense to focus our energies into a single direction that we choose as a young person?  Or maybe it’s a matter of exploring, choosing a few options that interest us, and seeing where they lead?

I always thought it would be too much to have more than one job.  However, I’m finding that I’m more productive and efficient when I have less time.  I also found that when I had one job, I would put all my energy into it.  This often led to two outcomes.  I would either become frustrated that I couldn’t get things to work the way I wanted.  Or I would get bored.  For me, having a portfolio career is a brilliant option.  One that keeps my interest, and continuously challenges me to improve my approach.

So if you can’t decide on a single career, don’t worry.  I believe it’s more important to keep your options open, and do what you enjoy as much as you can.