It’s often reassuring to understand more about the people we choose to work with, before we invest ourselves.  If you’d like to discover how well we could work together, get in contact and let’s have a conversation.

My core values

This is how I choose to experience the world around me, and of course, this is how I show up in client sessions.

Be true

Acting with honesty and integrity starts with being true to ourselves and ends with engaging relationships and an inspiring network.

Always learn

There is opportunity to learn from every experience, in every moment.  It’s a choice that can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Be open

The world is full of possibilities and being open to these means we can experience the best life has to offer.

Jump in

When things get tough, jump in and make a difference.  Standing on the sidelines is never as exciting.


Recognising achievements is part of the journey.  It’s time to finish what we start!

My credentials

I have an ever expanding toolkit available to support my clients.  My skill in using the various elements is recognised through a number of qualifications and my role as a Coach Trainer.

I love being in the training room working for Animas Centre for Coaching.  It’s invigorating to support individuals as they explore coaching concepts, and develop their personal approach.

ICF ACC credentialed, person-centred, and integrative in my approach, I use a variety of tools and techniques to encourage my clients as they make progress on their journey.

Utilising therapeutic approaches and working with the unconscious mind provides another dimension to my sessions with clients.

Beyond the processes I thoughtfully use, NLP is embedded through my work, particularly in the questions and messages I offer clients in response to their language patterns.

Working with a client’s energy patterns to release hidden blocks, allows them to move past resistance and create space to work at deeper levels.

I use this technique to heal the past and support clients in opening up to new thinking about childhood experiences.  This insight can then be applied to the present.