Nishe Patel

I’ve struggled with my own fair share of internal conflicts.  Many have been centred around living up to the expectations of others.  Or, more precisely, what I believe their expectations to be.  This is often conflicted with wanting to just be me, but not knowing who I really am.  Yep, it’s a bit messy.

In exploring this, I realised the reason I couldn’t establish my identity was because I have several identities.  I’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend.  I’m an entrepreneur, an artist, and a student.  I’m a homebody, and an adventurer.  Sometimes I follow the rules, and usually I bend them.  I’m a walking, talking, emotional contradiction.

I’m made up of so many different parts.  ECHOs, archetypes, sub-personalities, whatever you choose to call them.  I used to believe some were negative and needed to quiet down or be ignored.  I now recognise that every part has something to offer, I just need to work out what that is.  Each is a valuable addition to who I am.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing.  Engaging with every part that makes me who I am.  Establishing my true identity.  Now, I help others do the same.

Animas Centre for Coaching

Through my training with Animas Centre for Coaching, I developed as a Transformational Coach, with a variety of tools including cognitive behavioural coaching and transactional analysis.  Although I was interested in setting goals and supporting clients to achieve these, my main focus lay elsewhere.  I became more engaged with helping individuals see the patterns and contradictions in how they interacted with the world. This, in turn, provided a broader perspective for us to work with, and the opportunity to explore limiting beliefs at a deeper level.

Salus Academy

I chose to train as an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist with Salus Academy as I would, on occasion, feel restricted when working with my coaching clients.  The skills I developed enhanced my ability as a coach and provided tools that allowed me to work with past events as an hypnotherapist.  In addition, I learnt to integrate all my knowledge and experience to tailor treatments specifically to each client.  Now, my NLP and therapeutic skills are fundamental to how I work with clients.

EFTMR Academy

When clients go through a deep-rooted transformation, they can experience intense emotions.  Therefore, I felt it was important to become an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner to support clients in releasing emotions when this happens.  EFT & Matrix Reimprinting help clients to effectively resolve their emotions and continue embedding the changes they want.  These tools are also incredibly valuable when working with clients who regularly experience intense emotions and need to create space before beginning our work together.

My core values

This is how I choose to show up in the world.  It took a while to get here and a lot of hard work.  Now, these values guide me as I continue to develop.

Be true

Acting with honesty and integrity starts with being true to ourselves and ends with wonderful relationships and an inspiring network.

Always learn

There is opportunity to learn from every experience, in every moment. It’s a choice that can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Be open

The world is full of possibilities and being open to these means we can experience the best life has to offer.

Jump in

When things get tough, jump in and make a difference. Standing on the sidelines is never as exciting.


Recognising achievements is part of the journey. It’s time to finish what we start!

Being uniquely me

  • I’m hooked on personal development and love continuing my study any way I can.  In fact, I often set myself challenges like reading a book a week or even learning to draw on a graphic tablet.
  • I have a cat who is scared of water, so I called him Neptune. I couldn’t help myself. This still tickles me.
  • I can’t sing in tune, even Happy Birthday is pushing it for me. Seriously, I’ve had lessons, they didn’t work.
  • I’ve worked on a variety of animal rehabilitation projects across the globe. Yes, my work involved cuddles with cute animals, it also included being attacked by baby baboons and clearing up a fair amount of poop.
  • My greatest vice is cola pop. I gave up all fizzy drinks for 6 months several years ago and then fell off the wagon. I’m not climbing back on.  As a Capricorn, stubbornness is a key trait, so I’m digging in my heels and enjoying that fizz.
  • I used to be a perfectionist.  I thank my various art projects for challenging me. They’re beautifully imperfect.