Nishe Patel

When was the last time you heard that voice?  The one that shows up to tell you “you shouldn’t do that, it’s not going to work” or “you don’t know what you’re talking about” or even “they won’t like you if you do that”.

Have you noticed how they know just what to say, and when to show up to have the greatest impact?

Your inner critic.

They’re powerful, aren’t they?  They know just what to do to stop you in your tracks. Holding you back from doing what you really want.

Eventually, all you can do is go through the motions of life.  Living in limbo between the external image you project and your unfulfilled inner self.

It doesn’t need to be like this.  I can help.  Learn what it’s like to work with me.

“I was astounded by the professionalism of the coach and the sessions. It is worth remembering that there are better and worse coaches, even among the qualified.  Some people are just naturals at this and Nishe is definitely among them.”

Sam Reeve

“Having worked with Nishe, things have made a big impact on me. Issues I hadn’t felt were holding me back have been openly discussed and Nishe has taken me on a gentle journey of discovery whilst keeping me in a safe space in order to do this. Coaching is a powerful tool when used appropriately with a professional coach such as Nishe and can open up avenues for self-improvement and take a lot of the confusion out of life.”

Helen Spall

“Perfectionist by nature, I have found working with Nishe a real pleasure, she doesn’t shy away from asking the big questions and forcing you into taking a step back to view things from a different perspective. I am happy to recommend her.”

Lisa Jane Perraud

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